Bubble Up's Guitar Works

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Growing up in Jacksonville, FL in the early 80's was awesome! 

Jacksonville was home to Southern Rocks heavy weights: Lynyrd Skynyrd, .38 Special, and Molly Hatchet just to name a few...

I was lucky enough to have made friends in the business which lead me to meeting the local band "The B***y In***m Project". 

Ingram had played with the Danny Joe Brown Band prior to Danny re-joining Molly Hatchet. The Ingram Project did well playing various shows throughout Florida. The "Project", was later renamed "China Sky" and enjoyed some major success.

Through that experience, I met Mr. Brian Evors. 

Brian was the stage manager for The Johnny Van Zant Band. Brian contacted me and hired me to be the keyboard tech for Brian Heatherington, Van-Zant was opening for Night Ranger on the "Seven Wishes" Tour.

I worked for Van Zant from late 1984 through late 1987, working from keyboard tech up to guitar tech, then onto stage manager when Mr. Evors left. During this time, I was courted by Washburn Guitars to provide VZ with an endorsement deal. Washburn gave me a tour of the plant on guitar building, electronics and set up. This relationship began that endorsement deal for Van Zant. Erik Lundgren and Robbie Gay were both provided exclusive models for road testing of their product line, along with a great advertising campaign.


In 1987, Johnny took the helm of the regrouping Lynyrd Skynyrd band. Out of pure luck - I was hired to do guitars for Mr. Gary Rossington, Jay Johnson and Tim Lindsey, during the Rossington Band opening set for the tour. I introduced Gary Rossington and Jay Johnson to their first Washburn guitars and again a Washburn endorsement followed.

When my first child was born, I pulled off of the road and worked locally in Jacksonville. Working the local music stores "American Music" and "The Music Box" filled out the next 2 years. It was during this time, that I learned from the late, great Gary Smalley.

In 1990 Bobby Ingram consulted with me and hired me for the newly reformed Molly Hatchet Band. I toured as guitar tech and stage manager for another year - before the road got to me enough to stop the madness! Not to mention the drinking and foolishness.

So, all these years later - working on guitars here and there, I ran into Miss Cassidy Daniels... a 13 year old singer/songwriter who lives right across the street from me. Through support of her, I have managed to re-kindle that fire I had in the late 80's and my love for working on guitars and working shows.

So, in 2013, I decided to open Bubble Up's Guitar Works in Palm City, FL. There was only one local music store in the immediate area - and to travel to Guitar Center in West Palm Beach or Port St. Lucie is just a hassle, not  to mention crazy - they cannot give you the proper attention your stringed instrument deserves.

Since opening the shop, THAT local music store closed it's doors, opening more doors for us! We started supporting local music- "Cassidy Daniels" , "Led-Hed", and "In the Light of Led Zeppelin" performing both guitar tech and other stage duties. 

2015 was a great year! Building relationships with local musicians here on the Treasure Coast of Florida!!! "Outlaw Tendencies", "Vespers Nine", "22-Bones", "Cat 5 Blues Band", "The Shakers" great local music is alive and well.

2016 was a Banner year for us! Thanks to all of our customers and artists for their support!

And 2017 was a spectacular time, business was better than expected - Cassidy Daniels is living the Life in Nashville, TN. The Robert Paul Band released "Breaking Into"and is available everywhere. "In the Light of Led Zeppelin" has mastered a line up of South Florida's BEST musicians to reproduce the LZ sound and show - like no other tribute ever has. "The Pompeii Sessions" was recorded locally, released and available everywhere.

But......     2018 is going to be a huge year for us !!!

Expect to hear huge announcements concerning all of our artists in the very near future... So many local artists achieving greatness: 

Emily Brooke, Eleni Skiba, Antonio Bolet, Autumn Martini, Randi Fishenfeld, Linda Ann Kiley, Keith Howard, Scott Board, Cassidy Daniels, Joe Simon, Michael Vaughn, Dave Thomas, Tim Callahan, Joes Mena  - the list grows and grows......

And as always... If you want your instrument done right - you have found the right place.... we are focused on providing instrument support services with the highest levels of customer satisfaction and we will do everything we can, to exceed your expectations. 

~Bubble Up~